oh heeeeyyy
thought i forgot about you
didn't ya?

i told you i've been busy!
actually pretty surprised i got 4 consecutive days going...
so here i pick up where i left off.

so i want to talk about writing,
why am i making myself write daily blogs?

it's not to solely produce content
but to force me to be more aware of the world around me.
so since i have to write,
i need to be insightful.
i need to look around
to discover and notice the details of life.

but why force myself to do this?
why doesn't... i mean shouldn't it come naturally?
because our senses have been numbed by technology and social media.
other people are doing the noticing and discovering for us
so all that is left for us to do is
absorb then forget in a millisecond 




'naturally' / 'natural' is no longer an instinct, a habit.
in this world it has to be forced.
and i say,
force it.

notice strangers around you,
question who/what/why they are who/what/why they are.
notice social situations around you,
how/what/why does it make you feel?
notice everything.
think about it.

don't just blink and scroll on.



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  1. maybe you can continue your short story writing lol