Merry Christmas Eve to all,

Let us sit around and cuddle around this warm virtual fire. 



I'd like to dedicate this blog to my mum and to all of you out there who underestimate yourself by thinking they're not good enough.

My mum is what you would think a typical Filipina in Hong Kong. She luckily married a westerner and gave birth to the most amazing human being you'll ever meet. (Me.) However that doesn't mean she had it easy from the beginning or had it any easier after she married a "gwai lo". My mum certainly does not live off my dad nor does she flash Louis Vuittons in IFC on a Tuesday afternoon to go yum cha with her other Filipina mates who were just as lucky. 
We're not well off like most westerners are in Hong Kong.
 There were and still are struggles, financially and emotionally. 

It infuriates me when people have the impression that Filipinas leave the Philippines to find a rich man to marry and conveniently support their family through his bank account.
I don't know the exact percentage of how many do that... but I hope it's a small amount. 
With hidden stories untold, judgements should be put on hold. 

My families stories will remain hidden for now. Nevertheless, there is one story I would like to share. 
My mother was born into a poor but huge family of tweleve and she was one of the eldest. Basically she had to give up her own education for her younger siblings so that she could work in factories and sell coconut shells in order to support them through the years of school. For years now she has held a Primary 6 education level searching and aquiring work. Not once has she given up, yes she has worked as a maid for lovely families who treated her with respect and as a part of their family. My mum has also worked at banks, shops and partnered in businesses. She had her own shop and eventually settled down working as a care worker at a non-profit organization for mentally challenged children. My mother has shown impenetrable loyalty and true leadership in this small but significant role she played within the group. 

A couple of days ago, my mum was promoted to management and I am so proud of her. 
All the 5 A.M alarms and late dinners were all worth it. 
I know she still finds it hard to believe that she has made it this far. She knows challenges will come more difficult to her now than ever but I couldn't have more faith in her than I do now. 

Education isn't everything. 
Nor does it provide any justification on how well or bad your future will turn out to be. 
Believe me. 
Persist in your pursuits and don't doubt a single move you put your mind to. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.




Flash back Mondays

Let's all pay tribute to my earlier years. 
Mondays are no longer ordinary Mondays, oh no no no. 

Let's take a trip down good ol' muddy memory lane to 2009. 
What did I do back in 2009, Dec 3rd? I took vain pictures of myself. 
A very productive 18 year old. 

I miss my short hair. 

Now, what does this tell me? That time is a bitch and doesn't wait for people. She just allowed me do whatever I wanted and never once told me to hold back. Me, on the other hand didn't realize that time was with me all along and so many a time opportunities, responsibilities and time slipped past me. Leaving the future to future me to deal with. Present 18 year old me, would just procrastinate. 
To be honest, I truly thought I would be loads different by the time I hit 21. 

You know when you're were 15, 
chilling alone in your room late at night thinking about the future you? 
I would picture it and think it impossible I'd ever get to mature stage in life. 
Just thinking about the 21 year old me was like... thinking about a stranger I didn't know. 
So unfamiliar, so distant. 
It was as if I was waiting to see what she'd do and be astonished by her many achievements. 

That 21 year old future me is no longer a stranger. I know everything about her. Her likes, dislikes and what she hopes for to come. And now I'm sitting alone, in my room thinking about what 25... maybe 30 year old me would be doing.

Man, I know future me is going to read this and laugh.
Well, fuck you future me. Fuck you.