by the time you hit your 20s,
expect a lot of subtle changes.

i read something on tumblr about growing up - 
as you grow up, you'll come across people who will say
"hey, i think you've changed."
and you might pause to think,
"hey, maybe i have..."
but really,
you haven't.


because no one really changes,
not the fundamental bits inside of us.

as we grow, our personalities
our opinions, our thoughts, our characteristics
grow with us.

we're now more confident in showing it to the world.
no holding back.

so why
why god why
do they say that dreaded sentence?
'i think you've changed.'

your growing
is perceived as changing
to the outside world.

so to them you must say - 
take it or leave it.

who are they?
they aren't with you in the dark of night,
when you're alone to your thoughts,
most of the time,
they weren't there when you made hard decisions,
moral decisions, life changing decisions.
it's always been
just you.

so this is basically the message i want to share for today,
you are who you are,
you do your best to change what you know are the bad parts of you,
but at the end of the day,
there will always be parts of you that not everyone can accept.

so to hell with 'em.

and my utmost favourite
quote from the movie 'her'

you see what i mean?

and this applies not only to romantic relationships
but to all relationships you encounter along the way.

my daily blogs are becoming intense.

can ya take it
can ya
caaaannn yaaaaahhhh



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  1. Ya ppl just come and go as they please, what last will last.