no pieces

She ruffled through what was left of her clothes in a box by the bed. Pulling out an OBEY jumper and a pair of her favourite shorts. As she finished dressing herself to begin her day, she sat by the side of the bed and stared at the box of clothes. There was not much left of her possessions or her belongings. Not much to posses and not much to belong to.

She was having one of those moments when you know you've got to pick up the pieces of what was left of your life so far and move on. Point was, there were no pieces. Sure she had friends but not one she felt the urge to call upon.

She had always turned to movies and the occasional book to get her through the day. Music used to be important. It doesn't leave you with much choice when most music nowadays is worse than cat screeches and music from the past was either overused or brought back memories that served no purpose in the present.


chapter four

chapter three


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So I've changed the link name of my blog.


There was this website, and it had a "hipster" name generator

clicked through all the random funny names

and got to "Secondhand Mermaid"

It had me.

Then I started thinking 
why did I love it so much?


1. The Little Mermaid, Ariel - is my home girl.

2. I know every song to the movie.

3. I hate water.


I've always been terrified of water, 
nearly drowned a couple of times.
I can barely swim.

When I was in Singapore, 
I was in this wave pool,
had to surf and got flung into the wipeout
into a whirlpool of DEATH.
With my contacts on, 
I couldn't even stand because of the damn waves
gulping in large amount of water
and fear of losing my only pair of contact lenses at the time.

When I did the underwater photo shoot, 
it started to rain and a storm was brewing, 
by the time I was in the water,
lighting was ripping through the skies above.
Electrocution never appealed to me.

^ failed Ariel morphing attempts ^


Speaking of mermaids, water and beaches.

This is my a video of my good friend Wiyona
who I met through modeling
in Stanley beach.

I did this nearly 2 years ago.

I've seen videos of her on the web that other people have done,
generally those of the paparazzi, media.

And they are just so sleazy.

They never do her any justice.

Hong Kong never does girls like her any justice.

To show her true colours, 
her personality.

Does a video have to excessively feature breasts and sexiness?
Because when they do that, 
the line between sexy and cheap
is crossed.

There can always be a balance.
Sexy can be classy, it can be fun and it can be appropriate.

Personally, I think the amateur video we did was way better.