you've been, cut off!


Rejection is a funny thing.

From every possible situation.

An application.
A crush.
A job.
A school.
A competition.


All forms of rejections.

An e'mail.
An automatic e'mail.
A letter by post.
A text message.
A phone call.
Face to face.

"...but I’m afraid the answer is a no on this occasion..."
"...the position has been filled."

Well, 凸 you then.


You can choose to 
move on
give up
try again

I'm sorta stuck between choices,
moving on could be the most ideal move.
move on to where

Then again, 
giving up sounds like a fantastic plan.
It could mean trying something new.
it also means giving up on something
you believed in
for so long

Ok, trying again could work.
What do they say?
Three's a charm.
Then after the third time 
there can be a forth, fifth, sixth
and they could be a charm
it's a charm when you finally succeed, right?
what if you don't


Just keep swimming.


馬 Mă

I was in England during Easter break for family stuff,
Got the chance to go horse riding in the New Forest to de-stress.

Needles to say, 
I really really really really really love horses and riding them. 

In complete admiration
still in a way quite terrified of them.
But in a hugely respectable way.
I mean you have to respect these creatures.
One false move and it might screw you for life.

r e s p e c t

The sexy creature I rode that day for a good hour
is named Megan.
She has a heart shaved on to her backside.
Oozing sexiness.

Now I know I look massive and it makes Megan look like a pony
but I assure you she is one regular sized horse.

Unlike this other horse that another place said I could ride, 
a coach horse,
a white stallion,
a huge beast.
(I use the word beast with every bit of respect)
His name is,

Who looked quite like Maximus from Tangled

He was NAHT a regular size horse that I could control or ride.
No amount of respect could prepare me for Domino.
So I politely declined.

Megan and I were meant for each other.
A bit sassy, 
(I like my women sassy)
so I had to pull on the reigns slightly to avoid being thrust forward
and possibly die from breaking my neck.

None of that happened.

And speaking of horses, 
it didn't look at all like my shoot on SupermodelMe.

My apologies to my dear reader, you
that I was, regretfully, 

not in lingerie
due to inconvenient body-numbing temperature.

had no makeup on
due to the lack of a makeup artists presence.

So it did NAHT look like this : 

I did, 
in fact, 
have a professional photographer to take my picture.
My daaaaaaaad <3


No joke, my dad is a retired photographer.
And he was and still is the bee's knees.

I am such a diva though when he tries to take pictures of me.
I become the worst model he has ever worked with.

But he's my dad so he has no choice but to love me and accept me.

I'm getting off track

So here I conclude my blog for today 
with the less impressive picture :


So for now,