hello all,
I know how terrible I am with keeping up my blog.
I do, I really do.

I want to set a challenge for myself,
to blog everyday for a whole week.
6th May - 12th May
to write about anything,
random thoughts,
(and we all know I have a lot of those),
and much more.

for today,
I'd like to share my concerns.
as most of you know I've gone back to teaching english part time.
to be honest,
I'm not sure what my real motives were.
maybe. helps after all.
pretty much.

and about modelling,
I have my busy days,
my horribly no-job, 
desperately-waiting-for-a-casting days.
people are so curious about how much I earn.
all I can say is that just because I get a big job once,
a have had months where I have NO jobs at all.
So all the money I made from the big job,
needs to be spread out over the next few months to make rent.

so yeah, maybe teaching english again
was just a way to calm my nervous, money anxious 23 year old self
for some sort of financial security.
we all get those days.


where am I even going with this blog?

no clue.

see you tomorrow




  1. Its good that you start updating your blog :)....I think writing blog can give yourself "reflection" and understand "self" more..
    I guess its really difficult to earn enough to pay for rent and everything else for anyone in HK....(especially when you are very young and the rent is insanely expensive in HK)
    And honestly speaking....I think you are doing a very good job already.
    Keep up your good work and I am sure you will find you way eventually :) +Oil

  2. I'm in the same age with you, Asha, and I have the same concern about "what am I doing now?"
    I think it may because I don't like my job enough??
    But sometimes we have to choose btw dream and reality.
    We have to pay rent, to eat, to take care of our family...and all these are about MONEY
    So, we chose a job we liked with a great salary rather than a job we were passionate about with a low salary.
    I always want to do some animals related job...but in reality....sigh...
    What I would like to say is add oil !! I think we will get through this struggling moment.
    um... sorry for my poor English. XD
    p.s. I always find us so similar in some ways. and that's why I love watching yr videos and blogs. ;P