Shout Out To My Ex

Dear exs, dear you. 

Don’t worry.
I don’t love you anymore.
Cos, i mean, c’mon…
that would be creepy.

I still remember the feeling of youth
and how easily i fell for each of you.
Now that I’m older,
just thinking about it makes me…ugh.

Dear boys, dear you.
I fell for you, the boy in a band,
the boy with the guitar and bass.
The boy in the football club,
the boys who never got to 3rd base.

Dear exes, dear you.
You’ve ruined song lyrics and movies,
certain places and diary entries.
We were both there, made some memories.
Even though you were my past, 
you’ve contaminate my history.

Dear boys, dear you.
My optimistic young love was based on 
fantasies and fiction.
Young girls like me forgot about reality 
and all its disheartening contradictions. 
A mirage of Jesse McCartneys in the distance,
but up close, 
you were far from my romantic expectations.

Under optimistic young loves persistence,
I took what I could get and morphed it into existence. 
You said ’I love you’, 
it wasn’t real, 
you hadn’t a clue.
I said it back,
I guess I lied too.

Dear exes, dear you.
You broke my heart,
I might have broken yours a little bit too.
But who were we kidding?
In reality,
our hearts never even cracked,
let alone split in two.

Ah… youth.

Dear boys, dear you,
I met you at school,
I met you through a friend.
I met you online,
Oh the days of MSN.
A few of you I still cherish 
Valuable lessons, here and there
The others I learnt nothing
Yet in a way they made me who i am.

Dear exes, dear you
We’ve lost touch,
that’s just the way things go.
Some of you are even fathers now.
Which, lets be honest,
makes me feel quite old.

16 seems so far away
but I swear to god, 
wasn’t it just yesterday?

Dear boys, dear you.
I really thought you were cute.
I’m sorry I made you believe,
I was worth the pursuit. 
See, there was always something in me
that never felt quite right
18 years it took me
to correct that oversight.

In the most simplest terms, 
that I can convey 
I just didn’t or ever could like boys
in that way.

So to end this,
Dear exes, dear you.
An insignificant spec in your memory,
I may be.
I’d just like to take this chance to say
thank you,

Sincerely me.


英國趣事 / uk stories - 002

You know,

I wish I were a Sim.

So I could choose to have the 
'ambitious' trait.

Then I wouldn't be so
god damn lazy.


趣事; tsui si

英國趣事 / uk 'tsui si' / uk stories
I'd like to start a series of blogs about the fun and interesting stories
that have or may happen during my time here in the, 
soon not to be, 
United Kingdom.

「 The Theif 

This 'tsui si' happened about 5 months ago.
well done Asha for being so goddamn late again.

Carnaby Street, London

I was with Caro and Katherine.
Chilling and having overpriced,
non-authentic Thai food.


We were in the indoor area,
safe from shoppers, their noisy chatter
and their nosey looks at our plates.

So we were chatting away.

Maybe not chatting.
Probably poking at our phones.
Too comfortable in each others company.

Aren't we all?

So at one particular moment,
we all happened to look outside the window.
Observing the other humans having lunch.

there were these 2 girls,
most likely tourists,
sitting right by
the short restaurant barriers.

Those barriers that help keep a 'distance'...
more like,
'encourage' some distance
between patrons and passerby's.

Practically useless barriers.

And at that very moment -
an asshole on a bike sped past.
In one swift movement
snatched up one of their purses.

Everyone witnessed this tragedy take place
in slow motion.

A millisecond after it happened,
some stood up and gasped.
Unsure of whether to help the poor girl,
to reassure the poor girl
to pretend nothing happened/mind their own business
and carry on with their meals.

Others, like us, stared at each other.
Feeling just as useless as those barriers.

I suspect before coming to London town,
she clearly misinterpreted London
as the safest, friendliest city on the planet.

She doesn't anymore.

This event, however,
strengthened my own personal argument
on Hong Kong being the best home city ever.

Back to the story,
Before another millisecond went by,
a man in the crowd sprinted towards the thief.
He didn't come with her,
didn't know her.
He just reacted.
He helped her.

Let me first help you all paint a picture -

Luck be a crowd.

Carnaby Street,
in summer.
Tourists everywhere.
This asshole/thief,
was on a bike.

this criminal mastermind thought
he could quickly manoeuvre through a dense crowd.


Needless to say,
he didn't get too far.
And the nameless hero who went after him,
got the lady's purse back.

As all my UK stories,
I learned something from this.

1. Never leave your personal belongings out in public
2. London is crawling with pickpockets
3. London is filled with civilian heroes
4. Rosa's thai food is overpriced

And that was that.


job interview

The first Monday of July 2016
was an exciting day.

after a month since landing in London Town - 
I had my first job interview. 

Now if you’re thinking - 
“Wow asha, 
you’re such a slacker. lazy much? 
just this one interview in the whole of 30 days? 
shame Asha, 


I will have you know that
 I have sent out more than 20+ job applications, 
customised/personalised cover letters 
to companies I had no interest in applying to. 

But hey, 
girl’s gotta pay rent.


I have also received many rejection e’mails, 
I would more than love to forget about.

Reminding me, 
I’m not qualified, 
I lack experience,
not thoroughly educated enough. 


Yet on the first Monday of July 2016, 
I finally got my first ever job interview. 

I’ve done embarrassing castings, 
I’ve been to teaching position job interviews, 
all in hong kong, 
all non-terrifying. 

 this time
This time
it was London.

This was a studio assistant job position. 
This was 'gwai lo' territory.

I don’t know if any of you watched my ‘leave your comfort zone’ video… 
actually I’m not sure if I mentioned this.. 
I think I did… 
well I think those who went to the meet n greet back in HK know this. 
I wanted to get an assistant job in London. 
I wanted one SO BAD.
It was like… a dream job. 

To me. 

I know.

Makes no sense.

No logical,
24 year old
would voluntarily WANT to be an assistant.

Maybe I've watched 'The Devil Wears Prada'
too many times.
Too many.

I just always thought I'd make a pretty good assistant.
Especially if it was in an industry I was 
hopefully familiar with.

I didn't put much thought into it before heading out the house.
Studio life, 
subtle fashion, 
clean should do.
No skirt, 
heavy makeup,
Nothing fancy.
Just my kind of thing.

Black sweatshirt, 
black jeans, 
Out the door. 

Flatmate gives me a quick look
and says
'That's what you're wearing?
To an interview?'

I start doubting my fashion choice.

She had a point. 
It was an interview.
But then, 
it was a pretty cool studio.
it was an interview.


I went for it.

This wasn't Hong Kong.
This wasn't an 'office' job.
This wasn't corporate.
Flatmate couldn't be right.
Bless her.

So I left the house.


I got the job.




英國趣事 / uk tsui si - 001

hello all,
i am back.

趣事; tsui si

英國趣事 / uk 'tsui si' / uk stories
I'd like to start a series of blogs about the fun and interesting stories
that have or may happen during my time here in the, 
soon not to be, 
United Kingdom.
「 The Refreshment Incident 

So my first 'tsui si'
was on the day all our crap from HK had arrived.
It took about 2-3 months via sea freight,
in total 50 boxes including small dining table, chairs etc.
The team at Baggagexs (not sponsored, duh) was absolutely great. 
If anyone needs to relocate, I fully recommend them.

back to my tsui si - 
Doorbell rang, 
cp went and gathered the cats into a room for safekeeping,
and I went to open the door. 
Two middle aged gwai lo's 
(Canto slang for westerners) 
were patiently waiting.
They cautiously went up and down the stairs with our boxes,
until our what used to be empty living room, 
was filled up from floor to ceiling
with boxes.

I then realised that I was a terrible host.
I had completely forgotten to offer any form of refreshments.
I am actually an introvert,
and avoid human contact if at all possible. 
If not, 
my acting skills are quite up to par 
when needed to come across as a
seemingly functioning adult.

So I did what my HK cultural upbringing would usual do -
I offered them


'Would you guys like a glass of water?'
I offer.

The bigger guy looks at me as if I had said something
He could tell by my bright eyed, deer in headlights gaze 
that I had no idea.

He then so replied:
'A cup of tea would be nice.'
The culture shock finally hit after just 2 weeks in London.
Of course tea!
Rookie mistake. 
I was in England afterall. 
Tea is always to be expected.

So it finally occurred to me 
that I may have actually insulted him
by offering him my common tap water.

Well now I know.

So we put the kettle on, prepared the mugs, 
and asked if they wanted milk and sugar in their teas.
Wouldn't want to make another rookie mistake
by smugly assuming how much milk and sugar they used

I believe we've all learned a valuable lesson here today.

Remember darlings, 
Always tea.

And that was that.



i'm thinking that my blog updates are the only thing i have failed on my vision board....

i really should reflect on this....

anyway... i will be vlogging this moment in a second but just so I WRITE SOMETHING ON HERE, you, whoever is reading this, will know first hand that i am flying to the Philippines to surprise my parents later this morning!! (it is currently 1:11am... i need to be on a bus at 5am....hmmm) I don't think any sleep will be done on my part as I haven't even packed.

So yeah, I will be vlogging my entire week with them :) Hopefully my cousin remembers to pick me up. I really don't feel like being stranded at a Philippine airport.

please see attached picture of moi as my gratitude that you have read my blog. mind you, it's a really oldish picture. I mean old, I mean the time I was in Singapore for Netflix Asia end of March, so relatively out of date. But it has been seen no where else, so ta da - a secondhand-mermaid selfie exclusive!

you're welcome.

ok, now i need to pack.