under your makeup

after coming across this video

i, as always, have mixed feelings about the topic.

Nikkie decided to make this video due to the increase of 'makeup shaming' in our society.
people blaming and shaming people for wearing 'too much' makeup.
Too much foundation,
heavy eye shadow,
misleading contouring.

Just like 'slut shaming' - 
shaming girls who dress 'provocatively'.
Too much cleavage,
non-existant skirts,
stilt like heels.

the problem here is, 
there should be no shaming in the first place.
it's your face, your body, your style.

back to the 'power of makeup' video,
Nikkie expresses the message that makeup is and should be fun.
and yes, i agree.
i mean, i would know.
i get makeup put on me all the damn time.

i've always have been a believer of minimal makeup.
my routine is as follows:
1. eyebrows
2. concealer under eyes
3. out the door.

i don't bother with eyeliner and mascara
simply because i am a very very lazy person.
i HATE removing makeup because
it is a tedious yet mandatory task
since you chose to layer on foundation
on concealer on powder on contouring on ink
all over your face.

i choose to save valuable time
binge watch tv shows and eat.

of course i know the power of makeup,
we all do.
makeup (done right) gives you:
an evenly balanced skin tone,
a flawless complexion,
enhanced features.

but here's the thing.
yes, makeup gives you a confidence boost,
but what about inside?

maybe the thicker the makeup on the outside,
the more insecure that person feels on the inside.

i'm sure that there are people out there
who not only use makeup as a fun way to glam up their day
but also to hide their insecurities.
that should never be the case!!

the whole point of my blog is this,
you should feel just as good about your looks without makeup.

doll up on occasion, yeah sure
but you should never
never ever ever feel that your untouched, 
makeup-free face isn't good enough for the world to see.




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