Her phone rang.

She was greeted by the deafening squeal of Lily on the other end.

Shit. How did she get my number?

"Can we please do lunch this week? I haven't seen you in forever. There's so much I have to tell you! You will not believe who I just saw wearing the most ridiculous pair of seven inch Loub's on a cobblestone road, wobbling along with her slut friends."

Lily let out a breathe of disgust and was about to gasp in a mouth full of air to continue her story when she was interrupted by a surprised "hey" followed by equally deafening squeals of excitement from her side of the receiver.

"Lily! You left so early last night. We missed you!" exclaimed the voice trailing off.

Envisioning heartless hugs and air kisses to the cheeks being exchanged, she slowly put down the receiver and texted Lily to say that she should call her back later when she was free.


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