reading the past like it's your future


I'm feeling pretty nostalgic right now.
I was going through my old blogs on Xanga.

Realized a couple of things,

1. I couldn't stop
(I just couldn't, it was like reading about the future but it's already my past)
/ does that make sense?

2. My Chinese was waaaay better back in the day.
(I used words like "似乎", when was last time I used that in the past 5 years?)
/ never.

So jealous of you youngens out there.
At the same time, I'm not.
I had a pretty good run.
I had fun, I had heartbreaks, I had drama
I had my dumb moments.
/ a lot of em.

My past is a secondhand story.
And secondhand it shall be.


  1. your chinese will probably always be better then mine :P (Canadian born chinese)

  2. 我都覺得你以前D中文好好多XD

  3. Dar2boy. same for me. I am a Dutch born chinese, but I can't write or read chinese. (shame on me -.-)