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The blistering hot water blasting through the tap was filling the tub quicker than she could properly undress herself. Flinging her tops and bottoms outside the bathroom door she stood before the tub of hot mist. Carefully lifting her right leg over the side, she pointed her toes and slowly lowered them to the surface of the water. 


She instinctually retracted her leg and nearly lost balance in her weight baring left leg as she tried to close the hot water, which led her to fall hard on her bare bum on the toilet seat. She heard a loud crack as the toilet seat cover shifted to the side. The latches that attached the cover of the seat to the toilet broke. 

"Whoever said women are graceful and sexy naked really needs to meet me." she thought bitterly to herself. The morning of her day off was not starting off great.

She turned the tap for cold water and swirled it around to balance the temperature. Finally, repeating the motions she lowered herself into the bathtub, closed her eyes and sank till the water submersed her cheeks. The heat of the water soothed her as the pores in her skin expanded to relax. She was too long for this tiny bathtub so she had to bend her knees, exposing them to the cool air above the water. Not quite the full body treatment she was looking for. 

She looked across the water and evaluated her body. Her pale white skin had turned into blotches of searing red across her thigh, stomach and chest. She dunked her head backwards and sank deep into the water. Coming up she cupped both hands to scoop water into her hands, thrusting it to her face then pushing the strands of hair on her face back up her forehead and to the sides. 

The bathroom started turning into a sauna and it began to be too hard to breathe. Her pulse started thumping as the heat rose in her body. She groaned as she had to put her bath to a sudden stop. Leaning forward, she unplugged the blocker and leaned back. As the water slowly drained away, she felt the line of the surface, which went around her body, drop. Millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch, the water receded. She took a moment for the air to cool her body then took a deep breathe and heaved herself out of the tub. 

After carelessly patting herself dry, she wrapped the damp towel around her hair and proceeded to the bedroom. She sprinted pass her little corridor as it had curtain-less windows and jumped over her cat. Why did she choose to wrap her hair instead of her body to avoid such obstacle courses will forever be a mystery of women.

 Scrolling through the lists of songs on her playlists, she closed her eyes and clicked. 

Summer Paradise by Simple Plan Feat. MKTO

"Ew, no."

She shudder at her subconscious's song choice and clicked for the next song. 

To Be Continued



chapter two

chapter one

Writer's Note


I thought I'd try something new, you know?

And yes yes,
I know the first five or six paragraphs or so are descriptions of a naked lady in a bathtub.

Do I hear complaints?

I mean I could have gone way more detailed.


But you've got to leave things to the imagination, people!


  1. The main character sounds Swedish in my mind given her tall stature and pale skin. I imagine her to be tall, blonde, and beautiful, but at the same time kind of clumsy, thus providing an ironic contrast to her graceful physical appearance. Such a character would possess a very common name to mask her otherwise unique personality. How about naming her Ida?

  2. Hey Asha! I've been a fan for 1.5 years now! I have watched all your videos. (I love watching you speaking cantonese! I can speak it as well, but not as good as you! So you helped me to improve my cantonese :D Thanks!)

    When I saw that your video was from like 1 year ago, i felt sad. But I knew you would be back and here you are :) I just want to tell you that you are amazing! You inspire me a lot! Thank you so much for it!

    Okay, back to the story..
    Anke's got a good point :) But I prefer the name Luna (Luna Lovegood :D)

    I suggest to put some funny parts in it, because she is, like Anke said, clumsy.

    I like the story so far Asha! keep it up!

    ps: (I'm sorry. my comment is a bit long, and my english is not that good as well.. I hope you don't mind)

  3. Laying back on the unmade bed, she finally found a song that didn't remind her of him. Losing herself in the melody, she began to form an idea. "Today was going to be the day" she said to herself. "I need closure" had been the drum beat in her head these past several weeks and it was something she had to address or she would go crazy. "Time to move on with my life" she thought as she adjusted the towel on her head.

    Her friends had been after her for weeks to "Get over it" in their words, but it just wasn't that easy. She had taken some baby steps. All his stuff had been collected and tossed into an old cardboard box sitting by the closet door. Many times she had thought about calling him to come pick it up, but knew that would just provoke yet another fight.

    She was thru with the fighting, several scars were ever present reminders of how those things usually went. "That box is going in the trash this morning" she said to the bedroom walls and found a weight being lifted at that thought.

    She felt a nose on her cheek, bringing her back to the present and knew if she didn't get moving she would soon have a cat curling up on her chest for a nap. Her cat had been there for her and helped her thru the hard times. She loved him dearly and was so grateful for his company, but today she was starting anew and had to tackle the world on her own.

  4. I think it is just an introduction and it has many ways to develop. Instead of giving concrete plot, I have a few questions in my mind while reading this passage. The girl seems to have many troubles in mind and those words are gloomy. Is the story going to be a horror story or dramatically be a comedy? Moreover, are those songs she listened to a foreshadowing of the rest of the story?
    The story has many possible ways to develop. Instead of giving out my ideas, I would rather inspire you because I would like to read your story not mine:).