off my chest (.)(.)

I have had such strong opinions on Hong Kong's media for so long now.
And I really want to get this off my chest. 
I wanted to make a video of it but I still have yet to get my thoughts straight.
This might not be the most articulate blog you've read but it doesn't mean I don't have a point.

I will try to make a video out of this soon.


It's how the Hong Kong media obsesses over breasts, cleavages and sexiness.
This isn't the main problem.

The main problem is that
they assume and expect every single female in the entertainment industry
 to willingly accept being thrown a low cut V neck cocktail dress
and be like
"Yes, I'll wear that."
"Yes, that is exactly how I want to be portrayed."

They say a full chest and a skinny waist brings out the femininity.
They say that's what people want to see.

Hell, I don't mind trying to be hot once in awhile.
But with the attitude and motives they come across with,
I can't help but feel cheap and uncomfortable.

No personal style is required.
They give you that specific outfit not because
they want to see a healthy physic
nor is it because you have a unique style.

They want you to lean forward just a little bit more.
They want you to sit up straight and push out your chest just a tiny bit more.
They want to pull your skirt up your thigh just an inch more,
show some leg, show some cleavage.

Nothing feels natural, everything feels forced.


  1. i don't like the unhealthy obsession with such things in the hong kong media as well. but as the saying dictates, "sex sells", what kind of marketing firm won't use such tactics to appease the male sensuality.....in turn creating the standard for other women to achieve.

    it's marketing based off primal instinct, and it's not localised or confined to just hong kong or asia.

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