Dual Opposite

My photography/video lecturer didn't care too much for this. Clearly I must've misunderstood his concept while he was in another country while another lecturer had to substitute and paraphrase (somewhat incorrectly) the goal of the project. 

"Dual Opposite"


Oh, hey there.
You must be wondering what I'm doing.
Well, if you aren't. I'm still gonna tell you.
Because life is all about hearing, telling, reading, doing
lots of stuff you won't or even thought of doing.
I'm just warming things up so you're prepared.
Don't thank me. 

I'm in my room after 8 hours of mind blowing-ly boring classes.
No offense to the lecturers, you are all dears but I mean COME ON NOW.
Maybe it's just me.

Where was I?
Oh yeah.
I'm in my room, in my chair typing this blog but before I was blogging which is probably the only productive thing I have done all day is trying to finish... ahem.. I mean.. start... my English Frankenstein thesis. Not fun I tell ya.

Normally, it'd be so eaaasssy for me to blurt out 1,000 words.
I was born a writer, currently a slacker but still I have J.K Rowling/Karin Slaughter in my blood.
Either of them could have been my mother in another life.
However I am convinced I am all new.
No past life, no history, no reincarnation here baby!

Wait.. where was I again?
AH! Yes, the thesis.
This is my opening sentence:
"Naturally when a child is born into the world, 
it begins life with innocent ignorance and requires constant care of a guiding hand to prepare it for the journey of life..."

First of all, I don't feel right calling a baby "it" but I just can't find the bother in typing "he/she".
I mean seriously.
Can you call a baby an "it" if the baby is fictional?
Or is there like an unspoken rule?

Bonus fact: I have a math exam tomorrow.
Who'd think a media student in University would still need to take a math class.
I know right?!
Not only have a math class but to partake in such suffering in the form of a paper exam.
I got this reminder from my math teacher (god bless her) :
"Please come prepared to the exam with at least a pen and ruler."

When a teacher needs to remind her students to bring a pen to an exam,
you know she's desperate yet dangerously optimistic.

I was and never will be prepared for mathematics.
Sworn enemy.
I have battled you through kindergarten to high school.
We meet again.

I am prepared to surrender.

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  1. asha, first of all, hi haha :) i've been watching your videos since i was grade6, you are totally my role model. I've "stalked" your blogs or all the videos you have on youtube. (i hope you dont find it creepy lol) i dont know what is like to be a university student. but im interested in your writings since you said you have J.K Rowling/Karin Slaughter in your blood!! can you show me some of your masterpiece of your writings the next time you blog?
    request from a international student in Canada :)