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if you've watched my video
'My Vision Board'

you'll know that I've made a pact with myself to be more creative
to write more
to DO more.

I think I may be watching too many Casey Neistat vlogs...

today/night i want to talk about self image.
i don't think i'm going to come to any sort of conclusion at the end of this post
but i just really want to write something.

like most people i think i'm pretty self conscious.
and it differs depending on the situation.

sometimes i can not give a f*ck about any image
but then sometimes i need to comb my hair, take of my glasses and slab some eyebrows on
before i head downstairs to the supermarket.

i remember when i had a crush and we would skype
and before i was ready to turn on my camera to chat
i would whip out my hair straightener, fix my fringe, adjust proper desktop lighting
to hopefully give my makeup less, sleep less teenage complexion a fighting chance.

even for youtube videos,
before i hit record i contemplate 

usually, i can't.

so what the hell am i talking about?
i think i'm trying to say is that
i have days when i don't feel like i look my best
like right now

but i embrace days like this.
not giving a rats asssssss.

feels good to be all mucky,

a comb? whats that?
wash my face? why?
dark circles? never looked better.

it's like if i ever got a text from someone asking

' hey baby, what you doing? ;) '

i think it would go down something like this:

nothing much, 
just chilling at home, updating my blog.

cool. i'm good. what you wearing? ;)

my lazy homer shirt, boxers. 
glasses too and i haven't washed my hair in awhile lol

oh... um... okay... 


then um, what are you not wearing? ;)
you mean a bra? yeah fuck that thing.
best part of being home is that i don't have to wear one.
do you know how uncomfortable they are?
so jealous of guys with man boobies 
cos they don't need the extra support of a bra.
if you ever come across a bra,
i highly suggest you try one on sometime.

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this blog got weird too fast too soon.

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