for anyone

it sometimes becomes quite difficult
to come up with blog/writing ideas when
i'm trying to plan youtube videos weekly.
squeezing every drop of creative juice

this week,
a blog post for everybody.

i was watching this program on Netflix,
about kids under 18 who go through the
"american scare program"
a program designed to scare adolescent delinquents
delinquent adolescences
either one,
grammar nazi me.
parents bring them to a local prison/jail
allowing inmates/prison guards to scare and bully
the sh*t out of them.

it got me thinking about negativity.
more so,
the opportunities life gives you
to avoid and rid yourself of negativity.
people of negativity.

i've had numerous encounters with this type of people,
so far back that I remember my first was in kindergarten!
can you imagine?

so this girl,
she was a trouble maker from the beginning.
one of my mums, then, 'close' friends daughters.
and my god was she trouble.
at the age of 5, 6
she'd make me skip classes,
hide in the toilets
hang out till the bell rang.

by the time we were in primary school,
again she had me cutting classes,
skipping tutorial lessons,
she'd make me late for everything,
lie to me about how she got her money
her toys, her makeup, her clothes.
she'd always share so i never really got suspicious.

one time,
we had guest staying at the house
and they had lost 300 hkd but we (the kids) had no idea
until it was too late.
earlier that day this girl came to us and said
her dad gave her this bunch of money to do whatever
we wanted to do with it.
we bought junk food
and lots of it.
then gathering around our favourite spot behind the neighbours house
we tucked in, happy, unhealthy but nonetheless happy.

our filipino mothers caught us,
and gave us the beating of our lives.
not just because she stole the money,
but because we conspired with her
and really, mainly, most importantly,
we were gullible and didn't think for ourselves.

we deserved every blow.

i slowly phased her out of my life
but another one was just around the corner

i guess i was 16? 17?
this time, she wasn't trouble
but she had a knack for drama.
we were close, it was fun
it was comfortable, she got jokes i thought were funny
we liked the same shitty music but the drama
was just so hard to ignore.
boys this way and that,
parents who didn't understand her,
period pains that would  leave her unable to function,
yet not disabling her texting, skype and talking abilities.
she'd screw over my friends
and their boyfriends.
copy and pasting arguments she had with others to me
rich guys who'd walk through fire for her
yet weren't to her standards.
everyday there was something new
never was there a dull moment.
but how much drama is too much drama?

was it me?
was it her?

i just believe
that there will always be people
who bring negativity,
who bring drama.

and we all need to acknowledge them
when they come waltzing into our lives.
don't give it/him/her/them the chance
to deep root and fester.

waltz them out.


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  1. I never had that level of drama in my life. This video says it all for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em328ua_Lo8 Have a wonderful day