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Over the last seven decades, 
the meaning and idea of "love" has evolved to a whole new rational state of mind.
"Love" used to be, in a way, a simple notion.
A promised getaway from all the suffering,
An unbreakable bond between two strangers. 

A princess yearning for her prince,
a prince battling evil whilst wishing for the perfect maiden to fill the gap in his perfect life.
They meet,
they sing.
They find their duet.
And off they go in barely five minutes of acknowledging the others existence,
are they set to be wed the very next day.

Fairytales and Disney movies used to tell it so well.
Until recently. 

I went to watch "The Wind Rises" with my flatmates,
There is a part in the film where the main character is reunited with the girl he fancied from a brief encounter years before and immediately falls in love with only properly knowing each other for a few weeks (I presume). Then of course, asks her fathers permission for her hand in marriage.
Boom, she says yes and the movie continues.

Why this movie experience has caused me to write in my blog again is because of

As this scene was been played out,
Literally, laughed out loud.
Times have changed.

Just the thought of proposing to someone you just met,
barely know.
Let alone less than..
I don't know... 2 years?
Is absolutely out of the question.

Plain, plain stupid.

And these reactions were also unanimous in other movies,
for example
Enchanted and Frozen.
Simply them both being Disney movies shows progress.
No more unrealistic fantasies about love.

It does seem like the magic has faded,
but I don't believe it.
I think it is right to educate kids watching that
you shouldn't blindly fall in love with the first seemingly perfect man you meet.
Don't rely on that spark, that momentarily lapse of judgement.
That oh he's so cute, oh she's so hot.
Oh she finishes my love duet.

Because that's not enough to live a healthy, loving, supportive, workable relationship.
Many of us take some time to learn that.
We don't quite get it in the beginning.
We make the mistake, we fall, we break.
Oh he's the one, oh he broke my heart.

But that's okay.
Make the mistake.
I can't be bothered.
Watch the movies,
except The Wind Rises.
Cos it was shit.
Watch the other two.


  1. Interesting. I agree with your point that kids should be educated about it, unfortunately it probably has to be up to family and friends to do this. Unlike mandatory subjects taught in schools, love and relationships may never be incorporated, and this 'issue' if you will, doesn't get the attention it probably derseves resulting in many broken hearts I would say.

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  3. ha i learnt my lesson last year totally understand what yr talking about

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos Asha! It was again a great post. Keep them coming! You're the best hehe.

  5. i've seen the Wind Rises but i didn't see the love playing a big part in the movie or i just don't pay attention to that because i've seen it like more on japanese war kinda weapon stuff that fails to win the war because the protagonist and hayao miyazaki shares the same vision about that war. Why am i commenting here haha this is 2014 post hahaha feeling crazy, but i think you are right about love that is nowadays have became casual thing to most of human. nice blog by the way