Twins, Basil. Twins!

I have been sick.
About time I guess.
So I haven't even had time to do my usual lip sync Friday videos.
My voice is just much too sensual for the internet right now.

I did go to the movies though.
I usually don't watch local Hong Kong movies,
some just come across as cheaply made and utterly ridiculous.
Especially, the acting.
But I think it's a Chinese thing to over exaggerate acting.

I watched Juno Mak's directing debut - Rigor Mortis.

I know, my choices are quite extreme.

First of all,
I should point out that this film was shown in numerous film festivals
around the world is an achievement in itself.
I mean,
pride of Hong Kong, man.

Second of all,
the English subtitles didn't really help bring out the essence of the film.
As an example,
Translators for the subtitles, translated
"殭屍" (GEUNG SI) into "vampire"
Technically, yeah, no error in that.
However, when I see that word and I see it from a Westerners' p.o.v
I immediately think
Edward Cullens, Dracula, garlic, bite marks on the neck.
Therefore, "vampire" is an incorrect interpretation of the film itself.

Here, it means stiff corpse.
In Chinese terms, it means,
creepy, grey stiff corpse coming alive
that hops around and scares the living daylights out of you.

Nothing scarier than paranormal shit faces that hop towards you.
Running is lame. 
So mainstream.

At least we got that cleared out for all the gwai lo's who may read my review.
This movie is about a stiff corpse, not a blood sucking vampire.

Visually, pretty impressive.
The editing was cool too, definitely not something HK local films were accustomed to.
Loved the angles, how the camera would pan,
lighting was great, setting and such.
So kudos to the production team on the creative stand point of the film.

The ridiculous kung-fu flying in air, slow motion scenes kill me.
I just never really liked it, especially if it gets much too excessive.
They just rub me the wrong way.
However, I admit kung fu HOR HOR HOR scenes are the essence of these films.
It's a prominent essence.

The movie basically plays on the fears of traditional Chinese superstition.
    For those unfamiliar with said superstition,
Here are a few explanations so that you don't get lost while watching the film.
The old security knocks on the door of the new tenants flat door,
It's too inform whoever is living there that hey, you've got a flatmate.
We mean you no harm.
Please, go about your day.

You're also supposed to do this at hotel rooms before you enter.
You know, to be polite.
Although this thoughtful action is meant to be polite,
It does make the whole situation a LOT creepier.
I think my life was a lot ignorant and filled with bliss before I dabbled in such superstition.

Another scene I'd like to mention,
is set in the building rubbish chute,
It creeps me out because every time I go down to my floors chute,
There is always an eery vibe to it,
and it stinks.
And picturing the movie scene of a child in the corner of the chute,
does not make me whistle while I work.

I enjoyed watching Rigor Mortis due to the fact it wasn't about any western religion.
No crosses.
No latin.
No priest who has lost his way and finally regains his faith.

To conclude,
Rigor Mortis is a refreshing, contemporary horror film that allows you
to leave the cinema satisfied.

Oh yeah and,
Twins, Basil. Twins!

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