Shout Out To My Ex

Dear exs, dear you. 

Don’t worry.
I don’t love you anymore.
Cos, i mean, c’mon…
that would be creepy.

I still remember the feeling of youth
and how easily i fell for each of you.
Now that I’m older,
just thinking about it makes me…ugh.

Dear boys, dear you.
I fell for you, the boy in a band,
the boy with the guitar and bass.
The boy in the football club,
the boys who never got to 3rd base.

Dear exes, dear you.
You’ve ruined song lyrics and movies,
certain places and diary entries.
We were both there, made some memories.
Even though you were my past, 
you’ve contaminate my history.

Dear boys, dear you.
My optimistic young love was based on 
fantasies and fiction.
Young girls like me forgot about reality 
and all its disheartening contradictions. 
A mirage of Jesse McCartneys in the distance,
but up close, 
you were far from my romantic expectations.

Under optimistic young loves persistence,
I took what I could get and morphed it into existence. 
You said ’I love you’, 
it wasn’t real, 
you hadn’t a clue.
I said it back,
I guess I lied too.

Dear exes, dear you.
You broke my heart,
I might have broken yours a little bit too.
But who were we kidding?
In reality,
our hearts never even cracked,
let alone split in two.

Ah… youth.

Dear boys, dear you,
I met you at school,
I met you through a friend.
I met you online,
Oh the days of MSN.
A few of you I still cherish 
Valuable lessons, here and there
The others I learnt nothing
Yet in a way they made me who i am.

Dear exes, dear you
We’ve lost touch,
that’s just the way things go.
Some of you are even fathers now.
Which, lets be honest,
makes me feel quite old.

16 seems so far away
but I swear to god, 
wasn’t it just yesterday?

Dear boys, dear you.
I really thought you were cute.
I’m sorry I made you believe,
I was worth the pursuit. 
See, there was always something in me
that never felt quite right
18 years it took me
to correct that oversight.

In the most simplest terms, 
that I can convey 
I just didn’t or ever could like boys
in that way.

So to end this,
Dear exes, dear you.
An insignificant spec in your memory,
I may be.
I’d just like to take this chance to say
thank you,

Sincerely me.