job interview

The first Monday of July 2016
was an exciting day.

after a month since landing in London Town - 
I had my first job interview. 

Now if you’re thinking - 
“Wow asha, 
you’re such a slacker. lazy much? 
just this one interview in the whole of 30 days? 
shame Asha, 


I will have you know that
 I have sent out more than 20+ job applications, 
customised/personalised cover letters 
to companies I had no interest in applying to. 

But hey, 
girl’s gotta pay rent.


I have also received many rejection e’mails, 
I would more than love to forget about.

Reminding me, 
I’m not qualified, 
I lack experience,
not thoroughly educated enough. 


Yet on the first Monday of July 2016, 
I finally got my first ever job interview. 

I’ve done embarrassing castings, 
I’ve been to teaching position job interviews, 
all in hong kong, 
all non-terrifying. 

 this time
This time
it was London.

This was a studio assistant job position. 
This was 'gwai lo' territory.

I don’t know if any of you watched my ‘leave your comfort zone’ video… 
actually I’m not sure if I mentioned this.. 
I think I did… 
well I think those who went to the meet n greet back in HK know this. 
I wanted to get an assistant job in London. 
I wanted one SO BAD.
It was like… a dream job. 

To me. 

I know.

Makes no sense.

No logical,
24 year old
would voluntarily WANT to be an assistant.

Maybe I've watched 'The Devil Wears Prada'
too many times.
Too many.

I just always thought I'd make a pretty good assistant.
Especially if it was in an industry I was 
hopefully familiar with.

I didn't put much thought into it before heading out the house.
Studio life, 
subtle fashion, 
clean should do.
No skirt, 
heavy makeup,
Nothing fancy.
Just my kind of thing.

Black sweatshirt, 
black jeans, 
Out the door. 

Flatmate gives me a quick look
and says
'That's what you're wearing?
To an interview?'

I start doubting my fashion choice.

She had a point. 
It was an interview.
But then, 
it was a pretty cool studio.
it was an interview.


I went for it.

This wasn't Hong Kong.
This wasn't an 'office' job.
This wasn't corporate.
Flatmate couldn't be right.
Bless her.

So I left the house.


I got the job.