i'm thinking that my blog updates are the only thing i have failed on my vision board....

i really should reflect on this....

anyway... i will be vlogging this moment in a second but just so I WRITE SOMETHING ON HERE, you, whoever is reading this, will know first hand that i am flying to the Philippines to surprise my parents later this morning!! (it is currently 1:11am... i need to be on a bus at 5am....hmmm) I don't think any sleep will be done on my part as I haven't even packed.

So yeah, I will be vlogging my entire week with them :) Hopefully my cousin remembers to pick me up. I really don't feel like being stranded at a Philippine airport.

please see attached picture of moi as my gratitude that you have read my blog. mind you, it's a really oldish picture. I mean old, I mean the time I was in Singapore for Netflix Asia end of March, so relatively out of date. But it has been seen no where else, so ta da - a secondhand-mermaid selfie exclusive!

you're welcome.

ok, now i need to pack.