I know it's late. 
Way late for this review. 
I wrote notes on my phone whilst watching the movie, 
and that was nearly three weeks ago. 
June 4th. 
It is now June 22nd. 

Better late than never.

hehe :)

So, I'd like to state my main and official opinion on the movie, Godzilla (2014). 

I don't know if what I'll be mentioning in this review is considered as spoilers because there really isn't much to be spoiled. Godzilla does show himself and there are big fight scenes, Aaron Johnson is gorgeous but his acting is still... slightly.. meh. But that does not effect how I truly enjoyed the film.

So I'm guessing the biggest spoiler (to me at least) would be how subtle they brought out the sweet beast. Ah, I've found the spoiler, I won't go on about the sweetness of Godzilla, even though I utterly fell in love with the beast at the end of the movie. Absolute kitty. 

Back to the subtle thing, as someone who didn't watch the trailer before going to see the film, I was expecting it to be a massive monster flick. Roaring, stomping and catastrophe right at the beginning. I was sorely mistaken and quite taken aback. You don't see Godzilla for quite sometime, he just lurks, never stealing or should I say claiming his rightful spotlight. You literally just see bits of him for a good half of the movie, a tail and some scaly spikes here and there. To me, I loved that. I loved and truly commend those on the crew who decided: "Yes, this time we want Godzilla to be mysterious and graceful. Not some low grade monster that mindlessly thrashes a city about and just waltzes off." It just made everything about this movie, especially to Godzilla, so much more badass. You just had to feel the presence and let it slowly lead you into the big finale. Nothing dramatic, nothing overly done. 

Apart from Godzilla, there are two other monsters who are equally misunderstood and just sadly caught in the wrong era of time. All they wanted to do was consume and conserve energy, then hopefully mate, bring their offspring into the world and start a family of their own. How did they know they were trampling over human race and unravelling mayhem for everyone. Poor souls. 

You can try and hate them, but I definitely don't see them as the villains. Simply wrong place, wrong time. 

This image is so misleading if you're not thinking about it the way you'll do when the movie is over.

What else what else...

The cinematography is breathtaking. There is this scene where Aaron Johnson airdrops from a plane and into the city where the monsters are battling it out. The scene is shot through Johnson's perspective and watching it in an IMAX theatre, feeling myself falling through the air, scraping past Godzilla just engulfed me completely. 

I have to at least mention something that bugged me I suppose. Okay, Aaron Johnson's character was way to lucky. Never got caught long enough, never died, never injured. Just breezes past and is reunited with his family. 
(Don't tell me that's a spoiler because we all know that it was gonna happen, so shush.)



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