never know when someone might need a kidney.


It's that genre of film that makes you feel ashamed for not knowing it was an adaptation of a play.

I didn't properly watch the trailer beforehand, it was more of a gut feeling that I had to watch this.

The dark, dark, dark comedy sweeps you off your feet in an instant,
no time to prepare,
no time to brace your principles to see if they're still intact.
You're just engulfed by their misery, their pain.

Tracy Letts is an absolute genius.
His screenplay is untouchable,
the sheer brilliance of it.

A screenplay, a play has no need for flashy lights,
a spectacular setting, fancy costumes.
It's all in the writing,
the dialog.

The acting of course, 
but Letts gave actors the words to play with.
Sharp, witty, thought provoking

Do you love your mother?
Do you hate your mother?
It's a very fine line.

There are 12 characters in this story,
and each of them have their own problem,
or a secret,
or both.

This dysfunctional 'family' will satisfy your inner dark side.

a cautious note,
it's quite heavy to take it, yet refreshing at the same time.
I say, give it a go.


  1. I need to watch thuis movie :) im happy you are stille posting on your blog Asha! I am a fan of yours for a while now hehe. Keep it up!



  2. Asha
    Please post more about your life !