The Hot Seat

Haaaaay gaaaiiis,

For some reason, 
my dual opposite blog got like 500 hits.
And it was truly just pure ramblings. 

So, I assume you, my dear reader
enjoys entering the deep dark corners of my mind.

It's empty yet so full of crap.

Okay, so for todays ramblings location, 
I'm in my classroom, in University.
Yes, I am STILL in university.

English class, we're playing games. 
Boys VS Girls
And this game is called "The Hot Seat" 
For those who do not have the pleasure of having such fun filled classes,
this game starts with choosing a person to sit in front of a board and another person 
from the opposite team writes a word behind/above them, and the team of the person in "the hot seat" 
has got to help give clues to the person to get the word right.

Simple, no?
Fun, no?

I mean, I wished all classes were mainly games orientated. 
We learn, hell yeah we do.

Today the class learnt the words 
"serendipity" and "nascent" 

So far, Boys 1 : Girls 0

We suck. 

In other good news that favors all women kind,
I got 46/57 for our english quiz last week.
The boys did NAHT overpass me on this.

I wish to stay in school forever and to never face others 
more experienced, 
more challenging,
more competitive,
waaay more clever

than me.

Let me stay in my safe little bubble.
Looking like DIS.


Oh and now it's

Boys 2 : Girls 1

The word we're losing at is 




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  2. Hey asha, update your blog and take more videos!
    It's interesting reading your blog posts and watching your videos!:)
    The video which u described how your castings were is my favourite<3
    I click into your blog and see if there is any updates every day...Haha
    From HK