Permanent Ink

What does having a tattoo represent exactly? 

I don't have one. Yet. 
However I feel like tattoo's are very misunderstood. 
My mother has some strong opinions about this topic herself and so does my dad. For years have I heard my dad lecture me on how tattoo's are for the brainless who have no talent but have the need to show off. It wasn't till recently did I find the best reaction for his statement. "But what if the tattoo isn't anywhere visible?" BAM. No quick reply from dad there. I totally one handedly flipped his opinion on tattoos. It's true though, right? Steve Jobs could of had a tattoo on his ass and you wouldn't know. Yeah if he told interviewers voluntarily then yes, he wanted to brag. Mum on the other hand likes to ask people with tattoo's this question: "What does your mother think about you having all these tattoos?" A question very crucial to her judgement on tattoos. 

A few weeks back I had the weirdest conversation with someone about tattoos and it infuriated me. Never have I ever been so pissed off at someone's personal opinions. Yes, you are entitled to it but it crossed my line and it gave me that rush of desire and rebellion to get it just to softly imply "this is what I think of your opinion. So there, shut up and live your narrow minded life."
 The emotion within me was so strong that I finally realized the reason why people went out and got a tattoo. It was to prove and proclaim the freedom you had with your own skin, to do whatever the hell you wanted because it was yours and that others had no control over you.

 It was a gesture of free choice. 

I exclaimed my excitement to my partner and she was like
 "Did you not know that in the first place?"

Maybe it wasn't as obvious to someone like me who never really thought of getting a tattoo. I accepted those who had them and I saw no fault in wanting to get meaningful tattoos. Of course, there is a limit but yet again it is your choice. 

Who is to say you are forbidden to do what you want with your body? If you make a mistake, it's nobody's business but yours. 

The only advice I would give to those preparing to get inked, is to think about it, give it a few months or one year and if by then you still want it, by all means get it. 

Happy inking!

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