Last weekend till I finally become, long awaited, University student. 

Shame on me for taking nearly 2 years to get my head straight. To be honest, I don't know how long it'll stay screwed on. Might come across an incompetent lecturer or two and I'll have an excuse to drop out. Again. Yes, I have dropped out of many hobbies, subjects and some aspects of life. I just can't be able to stick to one thing. I might lurk around busy corridors or behind the classroom so the smart kid and his humongous head filled with useless knowledge hides my face. 

It's going to take lots, and I mean LOTS of self control, will power and whatnot to keep me in that campus for 4 years. Four soul sucking years. Gracing each faculty member with my radiant willing-to-learn presence. 

"I shall stay until the wind changes."

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